25 March 2015

King Pictures is still dead!

But does that mean it's dead?

No, it does not. You're here because it's 2015, and you plugged in the end of the email address. Disappointing, am I right? But if you want to see what Scott's really good at, be sure to read, subscribe to, like (in the non-Facebook sense) and then like (now in the Facebook sense)

It's Terrific!

13 October 2008

King Pictures is dead!

Long live zombie King Pictures!

As of today, King Pictures, LLC is dissolved. The government will miss its annual $45. It should say something that this website, sorry, 'wensite', hasn't been touched in three years, almost to the day. Not a money making proposition, these film-o-scopes. Maybe they'll have better luck with feelies, or mood organs.

In any case, the kingpix website remains, because I'm too lazy to get a new email address. Plus, Lisa is making me start a blog, a word that is almost as offensive as panty, or upload. I know you'll be looking forward to seeing that in three years time.

20 October 2005

Shotgun Freeway 10th Anniversary Screening

Yes, You Are That Old

The nice Kids at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are screening Shotgun Freeway next Thursday, October 27th as part of Eric Lynxwiler's City Views Exhibition. There doesn't seem to be any info about the event on the LACMA website, so I'm not going to give a link. Anyway, the whole she-bang starts at 7:30p, and Harry and Morgan will be there, so you will too.

6 August 2005

Treasure Island is Coming.

You Know...Again

The date is set: August 28th (Sunday) at 4p, just after church. The American Cinematheque and the Los Angeles Film Critics Society are officially presenting Treasure Island as one of The Films That Got Away.

Here is what they said. Don't let your chance to see it get, uh, from happening to you. I'll be there, and I'll try to look presentable.

27 July 2005

Shooting Continues Apace

Nathan and Scott are back, having shot in London, the Salisbury Plain, Paris, Omaha Beach, Amsterdam, the Isle of Wight and New York. We are great. And we can prove it. You can check out the photos here.

We still have a long way to go, and many naps to take. More soon. Don't forget the Treasure Island screening in August. We got a date, but I lost the email. Not too smart, I'm afraid.

23 July 2005

Olympia website not changed in any way.

Bob feels that asking for suggestions as to how we might market our DVDs makes us sound desparate and low-rent. Anyone have an idea how not to sound like a bunch of losers working out of a garage.

Which we're not.

10 July 2005

Shooting Begins

Nathan and Scott are off to parts Continental to begin shooting on Dr. Scientist Explains...Episode 54...How Cars Work. We won't be able to post updates from far away lands, but maybe we'll bring back lots of great pictures and stories and forget to post them when we get back.

20 June 2005

Olympia website updated!

On the Olympia website, it no longer says 'this just in' for a 5 year old review. That was driving Bob crazy.

Also, we've mastered a DVD, but we're not sure how to sell it. Any thoughts?

19 June 2005

Shotgun Freeway returns to the big screen.

There's some scuttlebutt that Shotgun Freeway. will be screening in the October to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. I don't know more than that now, but when it's more than a rumor, we'll let you know.

15 June 2005

Treasure Island returns to the big screen.

Thanks to the fine folks at the American Cinematheque, and the Los Angeles Film Critics society you will get another, and perhaps your last, chance to see the award-winning Treasure Island. It is screening as part of a series entitled The Films That Got Away, and we here at King Pictures think it's neat to be included.

They say it'll be screening at the end of August, perhaps between the 25th and the 27th. Keep an eye on this website. You'll know when we do.

11 June 2005

King Pictures goes back into production.

After a six year hiatus, King Pictures is back. In July, we will begin production on Dr. Scientist Explains...How Cars Work, starring Dr. Scientist, the host of a fictional kid's science show who is easily distracted by social issues, which he thinks can be understood, well, scientifically. DSEHCW, which will be filmed over the period of three weeks in China, France, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Scotland, is in preparation for Dr. Scientist Explains...How Wars Work, a slightly more ambitious feature. More to come...keep your ears to the ground.